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Network Licensing

Unlock the power of sharing licenses; thus, a network, also known as floating licenses, enables multiple users to share a finite pool of licenses within a local network.

Install the GstarCAD License Server on your server computer, and it will seamlessly manage license requests from users' computers.

Imagine having a team of twenty people with access to ten Node licenses for a product. With network licenses, the team can share access to the ten nodes, allowing for efficient resource utilization while ensuring that no more than ten people can use the software simultaneously.




While Stand-alone licenses use a license file installed and activated for each computer and can be used only on that machine, network licenses are installed and activated only once on your server.

When a license request arrives, the server determines whether the proper license for a requested product is available. If an appropriate license is present and not in use, the server will allow access to the software.

helps ensure that your users have access to the right software at the right time and enables you to control the use of your software licenses easily and efficiently

  • Network licenses are sharable by users from across the company.
  • Easier to administer since it simplifies software asset management and IT tasks.
  • Cost-effective since you don’t need to order as many licenses.

Please ensure you are connected to the network to access the network licenses, as the licenses are stored and assigned to access by a server. While the server software does not demand a robust system, the computer hosting the license server must remain running and available for other computers to utilize the licensed software.

Deploy Network Licenses

Install the GstarCAD License Manager on the server computer.


Compatible : Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, 2019 and above

Install and activate one or more Network Licenses on the server using the GstarCAD License Manager.


(SERVER) Network License Hosting installation and Activation.

Configure each client to retrieve the GstarCAD licenses from the GstarCAD license server.



(User / Client PC)   Activate by mapped to the server address.


License borrowing, allows users to borrow a license for a limited time for use on a computer disconnected from the network.

Working from home temporary site office




The options file allows the license administrator to control various operating parameters of GstarCAD Licensing. Parameters, such as EXCLUDE, INCLUDE, MAX, and RESERVE, can be used to control license usage. Usage can be controlled by user name, host name, or IP address.

* GstarCAD Network License Manager support FLEXnet OPT format.  

License timeout, in which a license will pull back if the product has not been active for a specified time period.

How can you access a floating license from home or away from the office without borrowing?


VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users to connect to the workplace network via the Internet, simulating a physical connection to the network.

This is the most secure and seamless end-user experience, as the client machine uses a VPN profile or some authentication to connect directly to your GstarCAD Network License server over the internet through a Virtual Private Network.


* Enable and configure a VPN server at your existing internet route or any server with VPN services.



That is the most straightforward way to share GstarCAD network licenses across the Internet. Once the port of the license server is open through port forwarding (the default server port number is 27000-27009), client machines can access the server and acquire a license.

On this setup, as an end-user, you only need to enter the IP address or the domain name of the GstarCAD network license Server on the address field when activated.

In this setup, the GstarCAD network license server is publicly exposed online. Anyone who knows the server's IP/domain name and the port it is running can acquire a license.

If you need to restrict access, you can use the “License Option (OPT file)” feature on the License server to fine-tune who can obtain a license.

* You must configure the port forwarding at the internet router or firewall.


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Compatible : Windows 10 , 11, Windows Server 2016, 2019



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