GstarCAD Mechanical

Top Reasons 

  • The only solution compatible with ACM, is directly opening, editing and saving ACM drawings.
  • All the features of the GstarCAD platform
  • The Best choice for mechanical design
  • Comprehensive dimensioning and annotation tools
  • Automatic generation of data management like tables, parts lists and BOM
  • Compatible with most CAD software drawing information
  • Parametric parts library
  • Comprehensive PLM data interface
  • Speed up dimension task by 60%; design and construction task for 90%; reduce the number of commands by about 75%



GstarCAD is the powerful & affordable 2D Drafting software for everyone who creates and edits 2D drawings, even though it supports APIs like Lisp, VBA, .NET and GRX (ARX) for the users who need the power of 3rd-party applications or extension commands.

and GstarCAD Mechanical added advanced mechanical design tools, automated and intelligent CAD tools, quicker mechanical designing and drawing for Mechanical engineers and product designers.


Generic CAD drafting software

  • Full CAD Functionality
  • Familiar CAD Interface
  • DWG Compatibility
  • Collaboration


Manufacturing Detailing CAD Software

  • Full CAD Functionality
  • Familiar CAD Interface
  • ACM DWG Compatibility
  • Collaboration
  • Compatible with ACM Mechanical Drawings
  • Support for International Standards
  • Powerful Drafting Tools
  • Intelligent Dimensioning Tools
  • Powerful Mechanical Annotation Symbols
  • Standard part libraries
  • Associative Balloon and BOM
  • Integrated Date Management
  • Completing Drawing and Dimensioning accelerates 60%
  • Completing Design and Engineering Task accelerates 90%
  • Number of Required Command reduces 75%

Simplifying Standard 2D Mechanical Design


GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 supplies international drafting standards like ANSI/BSI/CSN/DIN/GB/GOST/ISO/JIS that are super customizable, helping engineers to meet design requirements by simplifying the mechanical design process in the global marketplace consistently.

Format Compatibility In Bi-direction

Seamlessly Data Displaying

GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 could accurately read and display the complete underlying data of ACM drawings and vice versa. Seamlessly data display includes title blocks, balloons, part list, BOM, surface texture, feature control frame, welding symbols, etc.

Drafting Tools

Easier Mechanical Documentation With Dimensioning Tools And Symbols Annotation


Dimensioning Tools

The power dimension tool makes dimensioning easier by setting up variables relevant to manufacturing, as well as integrating tolerance and fit list information. Multiple dimension tool creates batch dimensions effortlessly that are appropriately spaced. Dimension edit tool quickly stretches, adds or combines dimensions and inspects dimensions, as well helps users edit dimensions accurately.

Dimensioning Tools

Symbols Annotation

Save time on annotation input by relying on more than 11 kinds of symbols like surface texture, feature control frame, welding symbol, datum identifier and target, taper & slope, edge symbol, etc. What s more, users could add any newly created symbol to the symbol library. Moreover, the symbols can be attached to target objects or dimensions and automatically adapt to drawings by moving or scaling.

Standard Mechanical Symbols

Accurate Data Management

BOM Data, Balloon And List

The BOM could display parts features comprehensively. It coordinates all data information of parts and controls changes globally. GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 supports the extraction of BOM data from DWG files for better reuse, promoting the more efficient and accurate exchange of design data and facilitating earlier collaboration between design and manufacturing workgroups.

The balloon and list functionalities are associated with mechanical parts and keep updated when detected parts information changes. Reduce the cost of some inaccurate information caused by recording, recognition and sorting.

Ballons and Part List

Hole Chart

Automatic Generation Of . . .

Achieve In Few Clicks

  • Detail Views
  • Scale View
  • Section Lines
  • Hatch
  • Title and Board
  • Associative Hole Charts
  • Fits List
  • Center Line and Construction Line
  • Rectangle Creation
  • Arrange Dimension
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