Stand-alone (Flexnet) Off-line Activation .

The first time you run GstarCAD

Double click the icon of GstarCAD you will see the interface as below:

* We provide 30 days to trial, also you can select a GstarCAD Version according to your need then click Activate to get a permanent license.

or select Help > Register button on the interface of GstarCAD, you’ll see the Select Activation Mode window.

GstarCAD register

Select Stand-alone Software-encryption (Flexnet) and click Next to open Activation window.

GC 2

Skip this step if GstarCAD 2011, 2012.

If your computer is not connected to the internet, Click click here to continue



At Step1 of Activation window, enter Serial Number which is provided to you when you purchase GstarCAD then click Generate to generate Application XML File.


Save it with a file name consisting of the Serial Number with “.xml” extension,

GC 4

Click OK to finish the Step1.

GC 5e1


Self-service Activation portal

Click the link “Activation” on the upper right corner of the store page or click link directly to enter the Serial Number activation page. Then login with your Serial Number.


After inputting the correct Serial Number, you will enter the License management page.

There is an Activate link on the right side. Click it to enter the activation page. Click the browse button and select the Activate Request XML File (Application File) which you have generated before. After this, click the submit button and the page will display the activation results.


When the license activated, you can click the Download link on the right side below the Response XML. The file name of Response XML File (Activation File) consists of Serial Number and “-resp-act.xml” extension, e.g. ****-resp-act.xml



After you save the Response XML File (Activation File), reopen the Activation window of product and click Browse to select the Response XML File (Activation File).

Click Activate to apply Response XML File (Activation File) and activate GstarCAD.

Restart GstarCAD. Now GstarCAD has been activated. There would be no time limit after the activation.

GC 7