GstarCAD Architecture

It professional CAD software specialized in architectural and construction design.

Today, we are pleased to announce that GstarCAD Architecture 2021 has been officially released and is available for download.

May 6, 2021

Based on the latest GstarCAD platform, GstarCAD Architecture 2021 has the complete functionality and similar interface of the GstarCAD platform with architectural features.

GstarCAD Architecture 2021 has made architectural drafting more efficient; check some of the key features to get to know GstarCAD Architecture 2021.

GstarCAD Architecture

Architect Tool Box

The convenient and intuitive toolbox contains many practical functions that architect designers can use to make our design process smoother and save us more time.

We can easily create architecture custom objects such as different styles of walls, doors, windows, stairs, and more. For example, we can choose from Straight Stair, Spiral Stair, Curve Stair, as shown in the picture,

stair GstarCAD Malaysia
architect drawing


Nothing beats visualizing your data. In GstarCAD Architecture 2021, the architect could count door data, window data, and hole data a table, exported to Word or Excel files, and imported to DWG file simultaneously.

This useful function has made creating and editing tables much easier and more flexible.

Various styles from Drawing Library

Various styles from Drawing Library

The Drawing Library of GstarCAD Architecture 2021 provides various styles for the door, window, etc.

Users can choose various design styles from the library for architectural plans and construction drawing, making the drawing process more efficient.

Automatic 3D Modeling and Section

Automatic 3D Modeling and Section

GstarCAD Architecture 2021 supports automatic 3D modeling function while drawing the 2D floor plan; users could easily create section drawings with automatically generated matching dimension and floor symbols.

Compared with manually drawing, this could save time and enhance work efficiency.

Dimension & Symbols

Dimension & Symbols

GstarCAD Architecture 2021 provides many kinds of flexible annotation tools, dimension tools, and professional symbols, enabling us to quickly complete window-door dimension and stair dimension and conveniently add useful symbols to the drawing such as arrow symbols, elevation symbols, index symbols, etc.

Before choosing from our flexible licenses, you can always try it for free.

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