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BATPURGE - Batch Purge (Batch Files Cleaning)
Viewed 3983 times since Fri, Apr 1, 2016
This new function allows to batch purge the excess objects such as blocks, layers, line type, dimension style or text style on several DWG files. The Batpurge tool doesn't need to open files. It executes the command of purge directly, which... Read More
TXT2MTXT - Convert text to Mtext and vice versa
Viewed 1808 times since Thu, Dec 29, 2016
Text, also called single-line text, or Dtext, makes every line a separate object. It’s great for short annotation in a drawing. On the other hand, Mtext, also called multiline text, has more formatting options, and is better for larger amounts... Read More
GC_CTE - CAD Table to Excel
Viewed 1698 times since Fri, Apr 1, 2016
This command will convert sheets, composed by line/Spline and text/Mtext in CAD, to EXCEL. Menu : Express>Table Tools> CAD Table to ExcelCommand Entry : GC_CTE It will pop up a dialog box and you can specify the conversion ratio. ... Read More
LOCKUP - Drawing Lock
Viewed 1634 times since Fri, Apr 1, 2016
Sometimes a designer sends drawings to other people, but doesn't want others to modify the drawings. The "Drawing Lock" function can turn the drawing into a whole block. You can't explode it or modify the objects of the original drawing. It... Read More
GC_DZTEXT - Text Incremental Copy
Viewed 1575 times since Fri, Apr 1, 2016
This command can accomplish kinds of incremental methods for text. Menu: Express>Text Tool>Text Incremental CopyCommand Entry: GC_dztext   The incrementation dialog box is displayed: Distance : Specify incremental Distance, you can input... Read More
KLL01 - Statistics Summation
Viewed 1542 times since Fri, Apr 1, 2016
This function sums up selected text or mtext.The selected text can not contain any other characters behind the number and the selected mtext can only contain a row of numerical values without blank spaces. Figures with prefix can also make statistics... Read More
CMP : Drawing Compare
Viewed 1424 times since Fri, Apr 1, 2016
Drawing compare is an exclusive function in GstarCAD which is added according to the user's requirement. It enhances collaboration by using color-coded displays to show items on a drawing that have been changed, added, or deleted by other... Read More
GC_TEXTONLINE : Text on Line
Viewed 1368 times since Fri, Apr 1, 2016
  Menu: Express>Text Tools>Text on LineCommand Entry : GC_textonline   Operation steps: 1. Pick the "text on line" icon. 2. Click one certain point on the line as insert point of the character, as shown in the picture below.   3. Input... Read More