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GstarCAD2015 addresses your drawing needs with new and stunning features which hasten not only workflow but also your revenue!



A CAD platform solution upgrades from GstarCAD 8. Take full advantage of unlimited design possibilities with more valuable new features, reliable .dwg-compatibility, open APIs and ease-of-use, which hasten not only workflow but also your revenue!

Gstarsoft, a leading and innovative provider of 2D/3D CAD software solution, launched its new update platform GstarCAD 2015 on end of year 2014. Users will take full advantage of unlimited design possibilities with more valuable new features, including cloud storage, barcode & QR code, PDF underlay .net framework support and many more.

GstarCAD 2015 new features are meant to work simple and flawlessly when creating documentation, detailing, or even sharing drawing data to accomplish your design. Three important drafting solutions combined with a collaborative capability and innovative new features is what this version offers to CAD user.


Sheet Set Manager

Managing large sets of drawings manually can be complicated and time consuming. With the Sheet Set Manager, you can manage drawings as sheet sets plus manage and edit data, automate drawing set up, provide easy access to department drawings, simplify publishing/printing of the entire design set.

User Interface Enhancement

Regarding to user interface, this version offers a new theme interface supplied by a customized ribbon with lighter icons that provides clearest interface, improving drawing space visualization.

.Net Framework Support

GstarCAD .NET API enables you to manipulate the application and drawing files programmatically with libraries that are exposed and can be accessed by many different programming languages and environments. Users are able to automate tasks such as creating and modifying objects stored in the database of a drawing file or change the contents of a customization file.

Cloud Storage integrate

Collaborative capability between different fields like design, engineering, and project team work together efficiently thanks to cloud storage support. View and share data in cloud using desktop and mobile devices will be possible.

PDF Underlay

You can reference and place a PDF as underlay in drawing files the same as you do raster image files. You can adjust the underlay properties like contrast, fade, monochrome, and colors for background. GstarCAD 2015 support the insertion of one page or many pages from the PDF file.

Barcode & QR Code

GstarCAD 2015 introduces two innovative features Barcode & QR Code, which will impact the way of storage and trace relevant drawing data in the CAD industry. Barcode & QR Code can be inserted to the drawings, accomplishing identification and correspondence between paper and electronic drawings.


The new added Eattext command can not only extract block attribute, also the object’s general attribute, for example the area of circle or square. The operation is easy to use and can extract files in various formats including *.xls.

Concentric circle

Concentric option is added in command circle. You can use this option input several radius one by one to create many concentric circle after specify the circle center.


Equidistance(E), segment divide(I), path(P) option are added in Copy command, which can realize the function of multiple copy of certain objects. For example, input command Copy, choose P option, and then select the curve that needs to be copied, input segment divide(I)and the number of copy, the multiple copy can be done in one time. No need of the array, layout by path or other commands.

Rectangle oblique

Angle (A) option is new added to Line command. User can complete drawing Line or Pline by first inputting (A) option and then inputting the angle value which refers to X axis or any other reference line. The command is simplified. Oblique (O) is a new added option to draw an oblique rectangle. By selecting option (O), you can draw an oblique rectangle which has certain angle with X axis or any other existing line in the drawing.