Design Tools

Design Tools Redefined

All the tools you need in a professional design and drafting, from an incredible precise drawing tool to a dynamic sketch tool. All carefully considered and meticulously developed, they just work—in precisely the way you want them to.


Geometry creation

the fundamental when start drafting, start drawing with the most popular 2D geometry creation commands supported in GstarCAD like lines, polylines, splines,

Concentric circle

Concentric circle

Concentric option is added in command circle. You can use this option input several radius one by one to create many concentric circle after specify the circle center.

Rectangle oblique

Rectangle oblique

Angle (A) option is new added to Line command. User can complete drawing Line or Pline by first inputting (A) option and then inputting the angle value which refers to X axis or any other reference line.


Equidistance(E), segment divide(I), path(P) option are added in Copy command, which can realize the function of multiple copy of certain objects. For example, input command Copy, choose P option, and then select the curve that needs to be copied, input segment divide(I)and the number of copy, the multiple copy can be done in one time. No need of the array, layout by path or other commands.

Array Options


New array options are available to create copies of objects arranged in RECTANGULAR, POLAR, or PATH pattern. The new array object is a whole (dynamic block). It can be dynamically adjusted by number of objects, spacing and other related parameters through Ribbon panel and Multifunctional Grips.




Improve your drawing with enhanced features. Now wipeout command supports circle and complex polyline options to be used as a wipeout object.



With the enhanced mirror command you can select a mirror line option as axis reference, so you can get a set of mirrored objects quickly than before.



Improve your drawing visualization with the new transparency feature for gradient, hatch, or layer objects as never before.

Symmetric Draw

Symmetric Draw is an innovative tool to directly draw symmetrical shapes. When drawing the first half you get another half automatically.


Now you can shape intersected objects in few steps. This innovative tool extracts all intersected objects as a polyline shape once per all.

Break Object

This innovative tool indicates spatial relationship between broken objects providing four breaking methods to break intersected objects in smarter way.

Block Break

Block Break is another innovative tool. It allows you to wipeout or break an object that is overlapped by a block definition.


Hatch allows quickly fill an enclosed area or selected objects with a hatch pattern, solid fill, or gradient fill. And superhatch offers more filling pattern options for get a more realistic


Spline to PLine / Line - With this tool the spline created can be converted to a polyline or line according to the accuracy (number of segments of the arc) that the user assigns. More specified segment number is, higher matching degree between the Polyline converted.

Line to Polyline - This function can convert one or multi connected straight line(S), arc(S) as one polyline