GstarCAD has adopted Unicode to write and compile programming and is able to open drawings that contain multi-language texts or without the system default language, in order to satisfy across-languages, text conversion, and processing requirements.



Drag & Drop user interface customizations do not involve in programming, with the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor, you drag a command to a menu or toolbar or right-click to add, delete, or modify a user interface element.


Work faster with stardard GstarCAD keyboard shortcuts, To add a new custom shortcut key or to edit an existing one, go to the Manage tab and Shortcusts Customize, it allow you wish to assign to your new or edit shortcut key from the list.

Quick access

Manages the customized quick access toolbar elements in the product. Add or delete commands at the quick access toolbar to make the drawing environment specific to certain types of tasks.


A command alias is an abbreviation that you enter at the command prompt instead of entering the entire command name.Such as you can enter C instead of circle to start the CIRCLE command.

Extensive Integration Possibilities

Object GRX technology provides the foundation for design software applications to share intelligent object data.

You can run third-party Object GRX application programs or write your own.Plug-in applictions developed with VBA/GRX/DBX/Lisp/Vlisp can be loaded to GstarCAD.

GstarCAD .NET API enables you to manipulate the application and drawing files programmatically with libraries that are exposed and can be accessed by many different programming languages and environments.

Users are able to automate tasks such as creating and modifying objects stored in the database of a drawing file or change the contents of a customization file.