Dimensions are the essence of CAD

In fact, they are the essence of any design program. They’re the reason the program was made, and the reason you are using it. In GstarCAD, all dimensions are associative by default, meaning that they change when you edit objects to which they’re attached.


GstarCAD has added annotative scale and some related settings to objects, spaces and viewports. The annotative object, such as text, dimension, block or hatch, could automatically adjust its size when changing the annotative scales in spaces and viewports. Users could arrange and plot drawings for different scales in a faster way.

Associative Dimension

Associative Dimension

This function builds dynamic association between the dimension change and annotation update in model space. It helps to simplify the modification of entities with annotation in drawing.

Dimension Breaks

Dimension Breaks

Places dimension breaks automatically at all the intersection points of the objects that intersect the selected dimension. Any dimension breaks that are created using this option are updated automatically when the dimension or intersecting object is modified.


Dimarc - Typical usage of Dimarc includes measuring the travel distance around a cam or indicating the length of electrical cable.
Dimjogged - Jogged Radius Dimension is applied if the center of an arc or circle is located off the layout and is not able to be displayed in its real location.
Dimspace - Dimspace automatically adjusts the space between parallel linear dimensions or angular dimensions in a drawing, keeping dimensions equidistant or aligned at dimension line.
Diminspect - Diminspect lets you effectively communicate how frequently manufactured parts should be checked and ensures that the dimension.


A leader object is a line or a spline with an arrowhead at one end and a multiline text object or block at the other. You can create, modify and add content to a leader object.


Multileader is an annotative function and is used to attach annotation to multiple leader lines. Multileader give additional information or special instruction in a point or specific area on your drawing.

Text and Mtext

You can create several paragraphs of text as a single multiline text (Mtext) object. With the built-in editor, you can format the text appearance, columns, and boundaries.

TEXT Style

Text on Line

Insert text in selected line and automatically break (or not break) the line at the insert position.

TEXT Style

TEXT Style

Set unique fonts, sizes, angles, orientations and other characteristics, and preset styling options let you instantly customize text size and height, font type, dimension lines and arrows, extension line, unit and tolerance, annotate right when you create them, so eash drawing has standardised signature.

incrementation copy


Copy text while increasing a specified letter or number automatically in alphabetical or in numerical order. The increment value can be specified by users. Customers will find this function useful in a wide range of applications, such as automatic numbering of electrical connectors in industrial designs.

Text Match

A specific tool to match both Mtext and text properties such as content, color, height, angle, align, layer, width factor and style in the current drawing, avoiding select and edit text attributes one by one.

Text Align

This tool is used to align text or Mtext. You can select several Mtext in your drawing to align along X or Y coordinates, or along a line of specific direction by selecting two points as a reference.

Change Text

Change text allows users to make massive modifications to several texts. Users can modify alignment, height, width, position, rotation, style and content of several texts simultaneously.

spelling check

Spelling Check

Check the spelling of any specified text in a drawing with suggestion vocabulary. Supporting 8 languages


FIELD are extremely useful while preparing drawings with title block or table. Those fields that are marked with gray are stored in GstarCAD with special variables and they can be placed at any location inside the drawing with any text style. Fields are really nice additions that give you quick access to various types of information via TEXT, MTEXT or an Attribute.

Latest version of GstarCAD has complemented the FIELD command with the OBJECT option. Users could make the object attribute or formula as content of a FIELD. Users could select one of properties as content of a FIELD, such as the area of Hatch, the FIELD will automatically update when the Hatch boundary changes.

Express Tools Demo


CAD Table

CAD Table

Get a better drawing documentation with the new table feature. You can create, export or edit a table conveniently.

Area Table

Area Table

Automatically dimensions and counts the area of closed objects and export the result to a table in the drawing area.

auto xls table


This unique function of AutoXlsTable not only makes it possible to insert any Excel table to an opening drawing by a simple click, but also to build data interrelation between original Excel table and the drawing.

CAD Table to excel

CAD Table to Excel

This function able to export any table from GstarCAD to Excel sheet as simple as "select + enter". The table in GstarCAD can be AutoCAD native table or the table drawn manually with combination of lines and text.

Barcode & QR Code

GstarCAD 2015 introduces two innovative features Barcode & QR Code, which will impact the way of storage and trace relevant drawing data in the CAD industry. Barcode & QR Code can be inserted to the drawings, accomplishing identification and correspondence between paper and electronic drawings.

revision cloud

Revision Cloud

Revision clouds are polylines that consist of sequential arcs, to call attention to parts of a drawing during the review stage.



Improve your drawing with enhanced features. Now wipeout command supports circle and complex polyline options to be used as a wipeout object.