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  • Fast view
  • Flexible measure
  • Easy share

A lightest, easy-to-use viewer with most compact interface plus tools for fast and simply view, measure, plot and share DWG/DXF files.

GstarCAD Malaysia

Fastest & Lightest Viewer

Native AutoCAD 2018 drawing support Open large drawings within a few seconds Easy start without learning cost

GstarCAD Malaysia

Than a

Advanced measurement and dimensioning tools to enhance your team communication and data exchange

GstarCAD Malaysia

Secure Drawing Share

Share drawing data with your partners in an innovative, secured and reliable way.

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Get accurate information like distance, angle and area from 2D drawings in quick and intuitive ways



GProduce clear and concise measured drawings with the most standard dimensioning tools like linear, align, angular and much more.


Control & Manage

Control drawing layers’ visibility and manage object properties through properties palette.


Compare Files

Compare DWG files and highlight differences between drawing revisions such as entities removed, added or modified.


Print & Easy Share

Print and export drawings to Paper, PDF, PNG ….Easy share a drawing file for view only, or send an e-mail attachment to others.


DWG Convert

Convert one or a bunch of selected drawing files to other dwg versions avaialable.


more then a viewer!

fastview 5b GstarCAD Malaysia

View & Measure


Familiar Interface

Find and use the function at a similar place in a similar way.

Open and Save

Open and save AutoCAD® R12 to 2018 DWG/DXF files without size limitation.

Load DWG Files

Load bunch of DWG files instantly. DWG FastView Plus is light-weight and super-fast.

Flexible View

Use viewing tools like zoom, pan, 3D Orbit and magnifier. Help you view drawings with ease.

Apply Quick Measure

Apply quick measure to display the linear horizontal and vertical measurements of closed objects temporarily.

Easy Control

Easy control of Drawing layers and external reference, manage object properties through palettes and search text much faster.

fastview 2 GstarCAD Malaysia
fastview 3 GstarCAD Malaysia

Win more projects with efficient tools!

Advanced Tools to Convert,
dimension, and re-use DWG files


Apply Dimensioning Tools

Apply standard dimensioning tools to add accurate information to Drawing design.

Get Precise Data

Get precise data by recording and exporting a list of measurement values to Microsoft Excel or text file.

Change Units

Change between standard Drawing units applied to measurement and dimensioning only.

Batch Convert

Use Drawing Compare to highlight differences between Drawing revisions like AutoCAD® 2019.

Plot Drawing

After you have completed a Drawing, plot it to a plotter, printer or file.

I can’t explain how this software is good because it’s the best one and very useful it help me on site more and more thanks for all

Dishad Nawrozy - Holland

The Best Cad viewer
This is by far the best CAD viewer, better than auto desk or any other version. It simple; download and use it, no need of account or login hassles….it made my life easy..

Bharti Thukral - India

Top Commenter!
Draw conclusions.

Daniel R - USA

Use this software, more convenient for me

very helpful
I absolutely love this software ! It is perfect for portable drawings when I present my designs to my boss! Also it’s awesome to share the drawings with just simple click. It’s pretty cool!!
Like it
Edit: this software is awesome, but to many permission..I hope to get more editing commands..pliz consider it, sorry for my bad writing
Radhi Putra

Next update pls make it rotatable
I found this program is perfectly match to my company presentation. you made it simple and incredibly useful. It would be unbelievably great if you can make another function of rotating the model. Superb job! PS. Sincerely you made it easier to use than AutoCAD itself. and I think this program could bring you to the higher level of a CAD developer company.

AdarinNui - US

Best cad App
The best app ever. I wanted an app to see coordinate of a point I dont have to go to office everytime. This is just the app i wanted

Kalid - UK

Best dwg viewer
Best dwg viewer Now I’m having all my work dwg on it. Thank you very much for this awesome app It’s fast and full of enough features

FawwaZ Ghars Eldein - Ireland
It helped me a lot
The program opens drawings quickly and I can use it to view drawings anywhere and share drawings to anybody. It helped me a lot. It’s a really perfect software. I would like to recommend it.
Garfieiddsa - US

Perfect for users!
Thank you so much for making a software I can view and do the dimension and share without having to read a durn 1500 page manual first. I got up and viewing and drawing right off the bat with no questions because the interface is so intuitive and makes sense. Great job guys!!!!

Elegant fast & simple
Does is get any better than this?
Green - US, Your Content Goes Here

Better now
I gave 1 star in the beginning because the software nearly used all my memory usage. There is no way to continue my work anymore. Uninstalled. Then re-installed, and surprisingly it now has totally no problem. Now the software works very well for me. It even shows the Traditional Chinese texts in the drawing correctly. To do justice to the author, I am upgrading my rating to 5 stars.


Give your six stars
Nice work, developer. Accurate and easy to work with it. 6 stars

Anthony G - US
Just download it!
It’s an amazing software, anytime & anywhere you can see your CAD drawings by opening it in your laptop and the good thing is that you can export measurement result to Excel with just one click. Ohhh…there is another very brilliant functions can let you get all the length you want very quickly. It doesn’t take heavy space also as well as processes very fast. Immediately install it. Highly recommend.
B Brijesh Singhal - UAE
Perfect for users!
Thank you so much for making a software I can view and do the dimension and share without having to read a durn 1500 page manual first. I got up and viewing and drawing right off the bat with no questions because the interface is so intuitive and makes sense. Great job guys!!!!

It’s fantastic easy drawing right away, easy presentation and makes life great using this software, and gets my checks rolling in 🙂

Zainab Tayabali

Definetely recommend!
I work as a landsurveyor, and this software is great help for me. Runs fast and smooth. Definetely recommend!

Vlado Sedlák - Poland

nhận xét
Very good, thanks you

Nick Main - Vietnam

I absolutely love this software
Keep it up

Befirdu - Ethiopia

I don’t need to bring a set of A3 or printed plans on site anymore. I just save the efile and open with this practical tools. Thanks!

A Engineers user - Saudi Arabia

주조공장의 업무를 보면서 거래처에서 도면을 받을때 DWG 형식을 많이 받는데 사실 확인과 인쇄기능만 사용하는데 마땅한 프로그램이 없어 애를 먹었습니다. 그런데 여러가지 기능을 포함한 프로그램이라 아주 유용하게 사용하고 있습니다. 보기와 인쇄만 가능하도록 해서 무상으로 사용할수 있게 해 주시면 더 감사하겠습니다.

This is a great software. I like it better than the other CAD viewers.it has a simple interface and easy options. Makes your work simple!! Cost-effective!!
Jean Lee
Simple, useful, beautiful. I can send my drawings to my friends and partners privately!
Wall Hillman - US

Don’t Miss it
Wow!!! Never needed such an software so far, now need it for work and it is great. I only use view mode and it is super. The BEST thing besides opening dwg instantly is that you can change the background colors. Change whatever you want. Just don’t miss this software. Cheers..

Ivan Petrovic - England

What a nice a viewer it is!
It helps me a lot to measure my CAD drawing, the most important is: It is small size but powerful features.recomended!

Really like this software. It opens a 38MB drawing easily! Quick viewing and zooming tools! The only thing I would like to see that the current properties of an object has less information than I want. I hope to check more detail information with property panel.
Kenneth Mitchell US

Absolutely perfect for downloading and viewing DWG files from my local government!

Thomas Hardman - US
What a cracker
Anyone looking for a CAD viewer look no further than DWG FastView – what a cracker of an light viewer. I struggled to find anything decent in the google even had to pay premium prices. I stumbled upon this software and have never looked back. It’s so easy and quick to review CAD drawings and to export as PDF as well as other high end features. Can’t be beaten.
ADMattingley - UK
Killer software! Silky smooth!
This software has no problems dealing with my 40-60 meg system maps! And the most important is, is very fast 100 meg dwg. files on my laptop just need 8 seconds. This is really perfect! Thanks!

사용이 편해요
사용하는데 많은시간을 공부하는데 허비하지않고 쉽고 편리하게 사용할수있어서 좋아요.

MT. Jeong - Korea

Really helpful
Fast, fluent and better than Autodesk DWG TrueView.

Rizwana Azad - Canada

Well done, cool!
After trying the AutoCAD viewer from Autodesk and finding it absolutely terrible, as well as a couple other 3rd party viewers, I’m happy to report this viewer is excellent (so far). Love the magnifying feature for taking measurement! Well done to the developer!

A Google user - New Zealand

Your Content Goes Here Excellent CAD viewer tools
This app allows me view and share AutoCAD DWG files from both my email and simple website link. It is power packed viewer. Highly recommended.

Mozza010101 - India

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Cristena M. Ligayna - Philippines

Good tools for engineers
Very good tools for autocad drawing viewing and measuring distances, i mostly uses in a site for quick view of autocad drawing cad files, best tools for engineers, overseers & others.

Pramesh Hada - UAE

Helpful viewer

Linda Stone
Well Done
Well done. Thank you for developing this. I really like the distance units settings as I can transfer the measurement and dimension units in the drawing directly. And the Xref tools is very smartly. I would like to congratulate to the developers! Good job!
Tom - UK, Your Content Goes Here
Best CAD Viewer
I have been trying out a few CAD viewers for my laptop as I wanted to make it simpler when measuring up a building with different units and instead of inputting the information onto paper. This light software is definitely the best available and I have just finished a whole site using it. It does have its limits compared to AutoCAD on my desktop but it works very well for me. And I have deleted all other CAD viewers from my laptop.
Londonsat - UK

Love it
LOVE this software I used to take photos of my drawings to have them on my phone then I found this software. Freaking love it. Easy to use

Heather x - Wales
So good I can’t believe I never heard it before!
This app is amazingly efficient and quick. One of the best CAD software I’ve come across so far! Thank you!!! Really Thank you so much!! I can’t live without it now.
Faith - US

Great Viewer for AUTO CAD drawings
I have been using this software for last 6 month and I found this really helpful for viewing DWG drawings. And some good fractures like export to PDF, DWG convert help me a lot.


This one works even better than the official one from auto desk. So far so good

Daniyiel - US


21days full functioning trial.

User Guide


Soft Encryption / Standalone / Perpetual / English


Soft Encryption / Standalone / Subscription / English


Perpetual or Subscription, your decision.

GstarCAD Malaysia


Copyclip productive tool saves a lot of time extracting CAD data by copy and paste action.

GstarCAD Malaysia


Dimension tools helps to get important information about drawing geometry.

GstarCAD Malaysia

Drawing Compare

Drawing compare tool makes it easier and faster to compare versions of drawings visually.

GstarCAD Malaysia

DWG Convert

DWG convert tool has the ability to convert between dwg versions improving drawing compatibility.

GstarCAD Malaysia

Easy Share

Protect drawing data copyright and share CAD files with a client or project team with total security.

GstarCAD Malaysia

Find and Text Style

Find a specific word within a tangle of texts and change between stylish fonts in the drawing with ease.

GstarCAD Malaysia

Measure Angle and Area

Get not the only area, angle, and perimeter information, but also scale and measure unit.

GstarCAD Malaysia

Measure Rapid and Record

Quick display, grab and export measurements supported by excel spreadsheet.

GstarCAD Malaysia

Measure Setting

Set annotation scale, unit, precision, and dimension style in setting options.

GstarCAD Malaysia

XREF Manager

With the Xref palette handle any aspect of the xref attached to a drawing.